Wild Strawberry Plants! Fragaria vesca subsp. vesca

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Mature bare-root plants, ready for easy transplant to your garden beds or pots. These plants are our own stock. We hand harvest these wild-grown plants and ship them to you the same day. Growing instructions are provided.

Few plants will deliver like Fragaria vesca, also known as the Woodland, European or Alpine Strawberry. A pleasant, low growing plant with delicate white flowers, and the best part: wonderfully flavorful berries! Some say the taste of these berries is far superior to the taste of commercially grown hybrids.

wild strawberry, Fragaria vesca, Woodland, Alpine

Fragaria vesca: the original strawberry plant

These plants are perennial and grow well in zones 3-8.  These plants are wild and can tolerate extremes of weather and poor soils. They reproduce by seed and stolon.

Consider using these plants in your cottage or formal garden.  Rosemary Verey, the great garden planner, would design her gardens to contain areas of these strawberries, as they are a consistent, low-growing accent plant.  Think about planting them along a favorite path, in an herb garden, in a terrace or a window box.

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